ONE Global Design

ONE Global Design

We consistently hear from our clients that they repeatedly choose Meyer because of our commitment, our expertise and the priority we place on one-to-one relationships. In 2011, Meyer cofounded ONE Global Design, a global platform of design firms for our national and global clients that want the personalized service and a one-on-one relationship approach of a boutique design firm but must satisfy national and global real estate needs.

The ONE Approach

The alliance is made up of like-minded firms from different regions of the country. Each firm is individually “best-in-class” in their own respective markets and share a common approach and philosophy in delivering superior solutions and personalized customer service. Firms were selected based upon successful partnering on previous projects and recommendations of real estate professionals throughout the country.

ONE Global Design’s mission is to provide organizations with unparalleled service by combining individual design firms that are geographically diverse and are supported by individuals who subscribe to collaborative cultures. This is accomplished by providing a consistent Principal-led team who will know the client, their company, brand standards and expectations for what a successful project looks and feels like. They will provide the design and delivery while an alliance member provides the local knowledge, code compliance and ready access to the site. This combination brings insights, innovation, experience and wisdom to ensure all stakeholder concerns are met. Together ONE Global is developing enduring client relationships built on quality service, collaboration and trust wherever a project is located. Through ONE Global, Meyer is able to seamlessly handle any project throughout North America. We continue as a point of contact throughout every stage of the design process while our network of firms act as a local extension of our design team.

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